How Thrilling is my Life Story?

Copyright © 1995 by Herb Weiner. All rights reserved.

On Monday, August 14, 1995, The Oregonian reprinted a Quiz (first printed in 1990) entitled How thrilling is your life story? I was surprised to discover that my score was "Quite awesome. You are probably known as a 'colorful character' who's lots of fun at parties, full of rousing tales and anecdotes. Either that or you cheated."

Either that, or the quiz is too easy. You be the judge.

The Sporting Life

Trotting the Globe

Into the Unknown

Fame and Fortune

Death & Disaster

The Dark Side

Everyday Drama

UH-OH! Penalty Section

Your Total GQ* (*Gusto Quotient)

The Sporting Life
    Bungee Jumping            25
    White Water Rafting       10
    Bonus                     15
Trotting the Globe
    Foreign Countries          4
    Cities                     5
Into the Unknown
    Nonhuman Life Form        20
Fame and Fortune
    Magazine Story            10
    Written a Book            20
    Invented Something        30
Death and Disaster
    Hurricane                 10
    Earthquake                 5
    Broken a Bone             10
    Victim of Felony          10
    Volcano                   15
The Dark Side
    Committed a Crime          5
    Illicit Affair             5
    Illegal Drugs              5
    Bonus Points               0
Everyday Drama
    Been Married              20
    Death of a Parent         10
    Nude Beach                 5
    Bonus Points              20
UH-OH! Penalty Section
    Sit behind a Desk         -5
    Surf the Internet         -5
Total                               249 points